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Sabang is well known for the Puerto Princesa Underground River chosen as one of Unesco's new 7 wonders of nature.
Experience this world's heritage site miracles.
The water of the Cabayugan river filters through the 15-30 million years old porous karst limestone mountain rocks into a 8,2 km navigable river ending in a lagoon separated by a sand-bar from the South China sea.

Enjoy an early morning breakfast at Fiasko's restaurant before departing to Sabang with our transport. Atremaru people will arrange all necessary permits to visit the cave. To get to the caves you may take a traditional boat, a 'bangka', or walk the Monkey or Jungle Trail.
View the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations in the cave and see monkeys, monitor lizards and various bird species in the forest.

After the unique cave tour, lunch will be arranged at Café Sabang that serves the best food in town. There may be time to explore more of Sabang, visit local shops or have a swim at the beach.
Please inform our guide prior to this tour if you wish to take scenic pictures of the different rock formations and caves on the return to the resort.
Come and experience Palawan's beautiful natural heritage.

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inspire and amaze;
nurture the mind, body and soul.


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