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Enjoy an early morning breakfast at Fiasko's restaurant before departing to Buena Vista bay side. Ulugan Bay (7.200 hectares) is located on the western coast of Palawan and has a beautiful coastline of around 100 kilometers. After Palawan was declared a Biosphere Reserve, the government of Puerto Princesa, in collaboration with UNESCO, started to work in 1998 on how to sustainably use Ulugan Bay without adversely affecting its pristine

nature and relatively unexplored wilderness.
The bay area is habitat to a diverse variety of marine and bird species and includes coastal zones with diverse ecological systems ranging from coral reefs to mangroves, wetlands, tidelands, secluded beaches and coves.
Environmental education and community-based sustainable tourism are vital aspects of the biosphere reserve plan.

Sail away in a 'bangka', swim and snorkel amongst the bay's colorful marine life and pristine coral reefs and see red grouper (locally known as 'pana'), lobster or perhaps sea horses. Savor the spectacular views of the bay and the surrounding limestone rock mountains. Spot giant clam shells and relax during a native-style picnic lunch-BBQ on the sand beach of Isla Rita. Enjoy this unique eco-tourism tour just minutes away from Atremaru.

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