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Take an adventurous jungle trek deep into the Palawan forest and visit the indiginous Batak tribe.This tribe is the third in row of the 3 major Palawan tribes, besides the prominent Palawan and Tagbanua. The start of this expedition is at the "Bantay Gubat" Base in Tagnipa, the point for security and forest protection, about a 15 minutes drive from Atremaru. Every visitor needs to register here to visit the local community of Kayasan.

During the 2,5 hour walk from the Base you cross small rivers and gullies, balance on slippery trunk bridges, step over rocks and stones, and wade through rice paddies. Beware of the many trees and wild thorny leaves along the path.
You will be guided by Atremaru people, preferably a native or half blood native, with communicating skills and jungle experience. Witness first hand the Batak culture and religious beliefs.

As a welcoming gesture, bring some food or goods for the Batak families that you meet.
Enjoy beautiful scenic views of the mountains, rivers and open fields during the picnic lunch.
The departure time from the Kayasan community will be no later than 15:00 pm. Please bring extra water and food, insect repellent, and proper clothes and tracking or rubber shoes.
Bring lots of energy as well.

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