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This unique green++ tour focuses on the importance of sustainability and respect Palawan's natural environment.
The tour starts at Atremaru resort after an early breakfast. Our guide, a professional biologist, first provides background information on how Atremaru has emphasized world class sustainable development through its unique building design, distinct water management, integrated tropical rain forest management, organic vegetable garden, rice field and diverse flora and fauna.

The next destination is the grouper hatchery at Sta. Lucia, about a 1,5 hour drive from the resort. At the hatchery our guide informs you on sustainable fisheries and the different steps of cultivating the grouper fish.
The last part is a visit to the solely Iwahig Open prison & Penal Farm, a 15 min. drive from the hatchery. It was originally built in 1902 by the USA to house Philippine prisoners who fought against American colonization of the Philippines. It currently houses minimum security inmates who

live in dormitories and work on various agricultural projects (e.g. basmati rice) and develop handicraft products. The Iwahig area also contains excellent areas for bird watching including fishponds and paddies where you can spot various lowland birds such as egrets, quails, rails and waders. Please inform our guide if you prefer the prison tour or the bird watching tour at Iwahig.
Lunch is included in this tour either a picnic at the Balsahan Falls (close to Iwahig) or a meal at a near-by restaurant.

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