The 5 circular freestanding single storey tadtad thatched or flatstone roof chalets - Putian, Aripa, Rapitik, Mahogany and Rambutan - are spacious (80 square meters) and amply spaced on the estate.

Each chalet has a private open-air covered view deck featuring a comfortable rattan lounge set and round table on the terrazzo floor. All have spectacular broad views of the lush rainforest and Ulugan Bay.

The pure white walled interior part offers a variety of single- queen- and king-size wooden beds, safetybox and writing table. The separate bathroom has a shower and toilet on the anti-slip floor, dressing area and an authentic wash basin finished with local flat stones.

The windows are covered with fine mesh sreens and can be closed by glass jalousies and dark red curtains.

The names of the chalets refer to the indigenous tree species in which they are finished.

Atremaru offers tea and coffee making facilities in each chalet. Free wifi is also available. Our guests are kindly requested to refrain from smoking except at the open bar area.

Boutique Spa Resort in the Jungle
Overlooking the South China Sea
Experience a Different World
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this spacious 80 square meters
one level tropical chalet offers you;
an intimate private view deck under
a woven Amakan thatched ceiling,
a queen-size wooden bed and
bathroom annex dressing area with
a charming flat stone wash basin,
shower and toilet on the anti-slip
floor, Putian feels like living among
Atremaru's indigenous trees



this circular single storey 80
square meters chalet provides;
a broad picturesque view deck with
stunning bay views,
a woven Amakan thatched ceiling,
a queen-size wooden bed,
bathroom with shower, toilet,
local flat stone wash basin and anti-
slip floor, and dressing area annex,
enjoy Aripa's lovely sunsets



this charming 80 square meters
large chalet with an authentic local
river flat stone roof is near
Atremaru Spa and offers guests;
a picturesque private view deck
that serves as a spacious outdoor
livingroom featuring a comfortable
rattan lounge set and round table on
the terrazzo floor, indoors a queen-
size bed, writing desk and a
bathroom annex dressing area



after a short paved junglewalk this
spacious and remote 80 square
meters chalet offers you a lot of
holiday fun with; the largest interior
of the chalets providing a king- and
queen-size wooden bed, dressing
area and bathroom on the anti-slip
floor, and a scenic private view deck
all under a tadtad roof,
upon request an extra single bed
can be added to Mahogany



enjoy a downhill junglewalk to this
single storey chalet offering you 80
square meters of privacy
under a river flat stone roof;
a pictorial private view deck outdoor
and inside a queen- and single-size
wooden bed, writing desk, wardrobe
and bathroom with a flat stone
wash basin, shower and toilet,
Rambutan can accommodate an
extra single-size bed upon request


Spa   in   the   jungle   -   GREEN ++
We ...
are an exclusive boutique resort;
serve our guests with warm hospitality;
respect the forest, flora and fauna;
inspire and amaze;
nurture the mind, body and soul. Atremaru Buena Vista Puerto Princesa
Palawan, Philippines
mobile : +63 915 581 1336 / 917 506 6919