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Boutique Spa Resort in the Jungle
Overlooking the South China Sea
Experience a Different World
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Far from the daily hectic lives, guests can deeply drown into a sublime different world.
Get refreshed under the Gogon grass thatched roof for pleasure, let your body be treated from a cold by our licenced therapists or simply de- stress. We only use organic products and herbs from the jungle and the water is from filtered raindrops.
The circular Kawayan and dark Barok bambu space offers a litany of effective body treatments such as

the Pearl of Atremaru Body Scrub, several full body massages (Traditional Filipino Hilot, Shiatsu or Swedish), the Hot Stone massage, the Palawan Head & Shoulders Massage, the Tropical Forest Foot Spa or Massage, and the Ulugan Manicure & Pedicure or Facial Treatments.

You can also dip your precious feet or hands in the Garra Ruffa pool to let the small fish nibble your corned skin leaving it soft and silky.

When you stay four nights at Atremaru you can enjoy one wellness treatment in Barok Spa free of charge for all adults (per booked accommodation), subject to availability.

Please book well in advance and highlight your requests to the Atremaru Wellness Assistant.

Be dazzled and immerse your innermost needs at Atremaru World Class Barok Spa!

Spa   in   the   jungle   -   GREEN ++
We ...
are an exclusive boutique resort;
serve our guests with warm hospitality;
respect the forest, flora and fauna;
inspire and amaze;
nurture the mind, body and soul.

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