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Boutique Spa Resort in the Jungle
Overlooking the South China Sea
Experience a Different World
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Follow one of the 3 paths weaving its way through Atremaru jungle before entering the 18 meter circular underground Dome revealing the first glimpse of the intimate interior of Mahagony wood, soft flooring and maroon coloured walls.
The Dome holds the prime position at Atremaru offering guests a full spectrum of potential indoor activities. Atremaru Dome makes an ideal base for a night of joyfull celebration, a perfect conference

place for a day, or an intimate retreat of silence and reflection for over a week.

The highest level of service and pure facilities complements your vibrant music or theatre performance, effective worksessions or any exceptional cultural or social event.
The seamless manner in which the Dome blends into tropical nature makes it not only soundproof but disturbance free as well contributing to the tranquil setting of Atremaru.

Each accommodation at Atremaru also has possibilities for group sessions or seminars for up to 40 guests for overnight session.

Combine this with the facilities at the Dome to an abundance of benefit. Atremaru Dome's full capacity is 100 participants. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested to book Atremaru Dome separately.

Atremaru Dome-inspired by nature.

Spa   in   the   jungle   -   GREEN ++
We ...
are an exclusive boutique resort;
serve our guests with warm hospitality;
respect the forest, flora and fauna;
inspire and amaze;
nurture the mind, body and soul.

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