Atremaru offers the perfect environement to improve your state of well-being, we believe wellness has several dimensions:


For the people, For Nature to protect our fragile ecosystem

Atremaru is a high end fully off grid green resort. The starting point was social responsibility combined with complete respect for the environment as a sustainable undertaking. We call this "Green++ "

Since the year 2000, Atremaru provides work for the poorest of the poor, mostly natives from the Buena Vista Barangay, which is part of the city of Puerto Princesa. Including families, we reach over 300 people.

It are these nice people who made Atremaru by manual work. Big machinery was avoided to provide work for as many people as possible. At the same time, the tribal people have gained a variety of skills. Some are now at a professional crafts level and we will continue to respect and invest in our people - as a priority.

Materials have been sourced from the immediate vicinity, again to provide work.

Surely at times we had to go beyond.

This philosophy caused Atremaru to become unique in many ways: the people, the materials, the architecture and layout in combination with the respect for mother nature.

Hence the phrase: 'imperfectly perfect' as one will not find polished surfaces or glossy appearances.

The uniqueness continues in the way Atremaru is operated, as you may see on the various pages and will experience as a guest.

The respect for people manifests itself also in the safety record. 

Since start of atremaru (2000) indicate no lost time incidents, 2 minor injuries, some medical treatment cases on an approximate number of 600,000 manhours.

Atremaru's respect continues with how we manage mother nature. Our trees, plants, birds, important insects and animals are untouched.

Certainly, anything that lives has a start and an end.

We nurture the start and make the end as environmentally painless as possible. For example once a say 70 m tall tree has served over 100 years of beautiful life, dies and collapses, it causes significant damage. This can be to people or to other trees still in the glory of their life.

We manage this in such a way that it is safe and no damage done to other important trees or scrubs. Atremaru is designed around the trees and the nature and we will continue to do so.

The chalets are built with a natural ventilation to prevent heat influx. 
Naturally cool.

However, if air conditioning units are deemed required, they would be of the smallest inverter types with the very best energy efficient label.

Nevertheless many guests may not even want to use air conditioning as it is usually comfortable without.


Atremaru's next grand project is to power our resort 100%  with solar energy backed by state of the art batteries.